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Whether an organization of one or 100, the KPI Trust APP is vital to tracking your numbers and visualizing your performance. The APP is designed to make it simple and easy for your organization to implement KPI practice and see results -- click to get started!


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No technical background required. No statistics or mathematical experience needed. It’s easy -- simply create your project and set your KPI. With that, you are ready to go. KPI Trust APP prepares you and your organization for a future of success. Promote a go-getter attitude and get things done. Start creating your winning organization with measurable KPI’s.


Give A Continuity

After creating your project, all you have to do is input data daily, monitor the performance of your business continuity management, and take necessary actions. KPI Trust APP is designed to input your figures manually, as we believe manual operation will give you more visibility and responsibility. The KPI’s will change company culture and lead your organization towards great success.

We Make It Easy

Let us handle the complicated math, while you enjoy your thriving business. All you need to do is give a continuity. We provide the results in beautiful graphs and easy to read tables. Forecast the future based on current performance. Take what you learn and the data you gain to fill in the gap and transform your business.

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About us

KPI Trust provides the cutting edge KPI management solution you need. Being all cloud based, KPI Trust APP is essential for driving your business forward. The app is designed for every industry and is created by professionals for professionals. The KPI Trust team is full of individuals with experience in management and over a decade in the digital industry.

Kento Mooka, Founder and CEO

With more than 15 years of experience in the digital industry, Kento has discovered the science behind a winning KPI management solution and put it into practice. Kento is now taking his proven methods from his work in the industry and making it easy for anyone to apply it to their business. With the KPI Trust APP, any business leaders can nurture a get-things-done culture within their own organizations.

We bring infinite growth to your organization.

Let's talk?

We are here to answer any questions, listen to feedback, or assist you in transforming your business with the KPI Trust APP. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and resources you need to succeed in tracking your KPI’s.


Do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email, or via our social media channels!


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